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I’m currently offering emailed readings only. I will have beautiful office space before Spring that will allow me to read in person or via Zoom. For now, emailed readings are the perfect vehicle and also don’t require us to synch our schedules! Readings do not require you to have any specific inquiry; it can be really expansive and potent to just allow the cards to reveal what they will. However, if you have something particular you’d like insight into, then of course that is welcomed. Readings can be more traditional, or done in poetry (!!). “Poetry readings” have been extremely medicinal, and examples can be found on my Instagram. I also offer readings based around your Enneagram number, if you’d like deeper insight into how you’re working with the energy of your type.

All readings are $30. To book, fill out the form below. I’ll send your reading within 3 business days of receiving the funds via Venmo.

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